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ReMwall – Redefining Walling and Boundary Solutions

Welcome to the world of ReMwall, an ingenious answer to all your security needs, proudly presented by ReMaCon Products.

Step into a realm where conventional notions of precast walls are redefined, making way for an era of enhanced security, unmatched strength, and unmatched adaptability. ReMwall doesn’t merely stand as a barricade; rather, it emerges as a stronghold meticulously crafted to elevate your property’s protection to unprecedented heights.

In the realm of construction, precast walls have taken a bold step forward with the advent of ReMwall. Gone are the days of traditional concrete walls; here to stay is a revolutionary approach that assures unwavering safety and resilience. ReMwall is the epitome of innovation, combining cutting-edge techniques with the steadfast reliability of precast concrete.

One of the key attributes of ReMwall is its ingenious utilisation of precast concrete, a material renowned for its robustness and longevity. Unlike conventional construction, where walls are assembled on-site, ReMwall introduces precast concrete slabs and wall panels that are meticulously engineered off-site. This approach not only ensures precision and quality but also expedites the installation process significantly.

Imagine a barrier that not only deters intruders but stands as an indomitable bulwark against potential threats. ReMwall’s precast concrete composition elevates security to an unprecedented level. These concrete walls redefine the very concept of sturdiness, providing a tangible sense of protection. Whether it’s deterring trespassers or thwarting unauthorised access, ReMwall is your impregnable line of defence.

Versatility is another hallmark of ReMwall’s design. These precast concrete wall panels aren’t just about security; they offer a canvas for creative expression. With various finishes and designs available, ReMwall seamlessly integrates into diverse architectural themes. From sleek modern aesthetics to classic designs, these walls harmonise with your vision while ensuring uncompromising security.

ReMWall from ReMaCon Products
Picture a solution that’s not confined to a single purpose. ReMwall’s capabilities extend beyond conventional security measures. These precast concrete walls serve as a testament to engineering excellence, finding applications in various contexts. Whether it’s a commercial establishment needing a steadfast shield or an industrial facility requiring reinforced protection, ReMwall rises to the occasion.

ReMwall’s impact is more than skin deep; it’s a transformation that resonates from the core. It’s not just a product; it’s a paradigm shift that redefines the standards of safety and durability. Embracing ReMwall means embracing a commitment to safeguarding what matters most.

In the domain of security, ReMwall stands as a beacon of progress. It’s an embodiment of modern engineering melded with the time-tested reliability of precast concrete. So, bid farewell to ordinary concrete walls and usher in an era where security is uncompromising, durability is unwavering, and innovation knows no bounds. Choose ReMwall – because your security deserves nothing less than excellence.


YFEL Height Base Width Mass
2500 1200 ±1200
3000 1200 ±1500
3500 1200 ±1770
4000 1200 ±2060
ReMWall from ReMaCon Products
ReMWall from ReMaCon Products

Anti-Climb / Dust Resistant

Height Base Width Mass
2760 1200 ±1435
3260 970 ±1735
3760 1200 ±2000
4260 1400 ±2300
4760 1650 ±2660

ReMWall Benefits:

The following benefits can be attributed to the ReMwall :-


  • Manufactured to heights of up to 4.25m (with the anti-climb curved head)
  • Concrete strength in excess of 40 MPa with steel reinforcing.
  • It can serve as a permanent wall barrier, or a temporary one.
  • It is a free standing and also a movable concrete element
  • It is a high security barrier wall system.
  • By movable, we mean that it can be transported, offloaded and placed by crane trucks, cranes or forklifts, and relocated if necessary.
  • The configuration of the boundary shape can be changed as required.
  • Therefore, it can be used on leased land, or if there is land expropriation they can be moved elsewhere, as circumstances change.
  • It is an asset that you will always own, unlike permanent brick and mortar walls that must be left behind, the ReMwall can be removed by being loaded onto trucks or tractor trailers, and taken elsewhere.
  • Corner elements are manufactured to enclose and secure properties.
  • They can also be used as retaining walls to backfill against, our intellectual property protected cast in geosynthetic grids reinforce the fill.

The Power of Versatility: Features and Benefits

1. Height Matters

ReMwall redefines the possibilities with heights reaching up to 4.25m when equipped with the anti-climb curved head. No matter the challenge, ReMwall rises above, providing an imposing presence that deters intruders.

2. Unyielding Strength

Concrete strength beyond 40 MPa ensures that ReMwall remains steadfast against any threat. Our walls don’t just deter; they stand as a testament to enduring resilience.

3. Flexibility Redefined

Whether you seek a permanent or temporary barrier, ReMwall delivers. As a free-standing and movable concrete element, it offers unparalleled flexibility. Transport it, offload it, and position it with ease using crane trucks, cranes, or forklifts. Changing circumstances? ReMwall adapts to your needs.

4. Security at Its Core

Security isn’t just a feature – it’s the essence of ReMwall. A high-security barrier wall system, ReMwall safeguards your property, ensuring that your premises remain impenetrable.

5. Changing Boundaries

Adaptability is key in an ever-changing world. ReMwall’s boundary shape configuration can be altered to suit your evolving requirements. Leased land or land expropriation? ReMwall moves with you, safeguarding your investment.

6. Your Asset, Your Way

Unlike traditional brick and mortar walls left behind, ReMwall is your enduring asset. If relocation beckons, ReMwall comes too. Loaded onto trucks or tractor trailers, it journeys with you, ready to redefine security in new surroundings.

7. Cornerstones of Security

Our corner elements provide comprehensive enclosure and security. Not just that, they double as retaining walls, reinforced with our proprietary cast-in geosynthetic grids. With ReMwall, even the terrain bows to security.